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The WVCTSI requires rigorous, ongoing tracking and evaluation to ensure that overall goals are achieved. The Tracking, Evaluation and Quality Improvement Program will be responsible for gathering data, analyzing it to determine whether or not adequate progress is being made toward each overall CTR Aim, and whether each core is effectively carrying out their planned activities and progressing toward meeting their specific aims. TEQuIP will assist each program in their evaluation process, empowering core personnel to prevent, recognize, and solve their own problems rather than simply conducting prescribed activities. TEQuIP will be housed in the Program Evaluation and Research Center of the College of Education and Human Services at West Virginia University, allowing it increased autonomy and external perspective from which to develop and recommend process changes when necessary. TEQuIP will be mission driven, results-oriented, and transparent in its tracking, evaluation, and quality improvement efforts.

For more information, please visit the - Program Evaluation and Research Center 

Tracking, Evaluation & Quality Improvement Program

Reagan Curtis, Ph.D.
(304) 293-2098

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