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Experimental Design Series

WVCTSI's Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Research Design has developed a special interactive series on experimental design. Attendees will participate in case studies, group discussions and practical exercises on a wide variety of experimental design topics. Participants are also encouraged to bring their own research questions or study designs for discussion. Sessions in this series will take place on listed Thursdays beginning at 4 p.m. A full list of session topics and dates can be found below.

Presented by:

photo of Tyler McGaughey



Tyler McGaughey, PhD

Research Imaging Specialist, WVCTSI




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March 21: Fundamentals of Experimental Design

Introduction to Experimental Design (15 mins)

  • Overview of the importance of robust experimental design
  • Distinction between observational vs experimental studies
  • Quantitative vs qualitative
  • Prospective vs retrospective

Key Experimental Design Concepts (20 mins)

  • Randomization and its role in controlling bias
  • Types of variables (independent, dependent, confounding)
  • Control groups and their significance

Ethical Considerations (15 mins)

  • Informed consent and participant rights
  • Ethical guidelines and regulatory frameworks
  • Bias exercise
  • HIPPA headaches

Case Studies (15 mins)

  • Review of well-designed clinical trials
  • Analysis of common pitfalls in experimental design
  • Overview of best practices
  • Changes to case studies

Q&A and Discussion (10 mins)

April 11: Practical Aspects of Experimental Design

Sample Size and Power Analysis (20 mins)

  • Importance of sample size determination
  • Power analysis and its role in study design

Variable Measurement and Standardization (15 mins)

  • Precision vs accuracy in data collection
  • Standardized protocols and minimizing measurement error
  • Validation

Data Collection Methods (20 mins)

  • Surveys, interviews, observations, and biomarkers
  • Choosing appropriate data collection tools for clinical trials
  • Big Data intro

Experimental Design Software Tools (15 mins)

  • Introduction to G power
  • Practical demonstration of using tools for sample size calculation

Q&A and Discussion (10 mins)

April 25: Advanced Topics in Experimental Design

Adaptive Trial Designs (15 mins)

  • Overview of adaptive design and its advantages
  • Considerations for implementing adaptive designs in clinical trials

Longitudinal and Cross-Over Designs (15 mins)

  • Understanding designs for repeated measures
  • Cross-over designs in clinical trials

Handling Confounding Variables (15 mins)

  • Strategies for identifying and controlling confounding factors
  • Matching and stratification techniques

Statistical Analysis Planning (15 mins)

  • Overview of statistical methods commonly used in clinical trials
  • Collaborating with statisticians for robust analysis plans

Future of Experimental Design (15 min)

  • Diverse team building
  • AI in research
  • Big data research

Q&A and Discussion (10 mins)