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R03 Grant Writing Curriculum:

Session 1: Kick-off

Introductions (Facilitator and Participants)


  • Program Goals
  • Confidentiality and Constructive Feedback
  • Weekly Cycle: Writing and Feedback due dates
  • Providing Feedback: Written and Oral
  • Review of Timelines for Submission of Proposal at WVU
  • WVCTSI resources if research study is a clinical trial
  • WVCTSI resources for a statistical consultation

Main presentation topic:

  • Understanding the Review Process for R03 applications or How to Communicate Your Research Idea and Plan in 6 pages

Writing assignment: Specific Aims page (Version 1)

Feedback assignment for next group meeting (Session 2): None


Session 2: Specific Aims

                  Check in: Describe expert faculty who are assisting you with content and design?

                                   Will any of these individuals serve as Co-Investigators or Consultants?

Main presentation topic:

  • Writing Effective Specific Aims

Main discussion topic:

  • Participants present their Specific Aims

Writing assignment: specific Aims page (Version 2)

Feedback assignment for next group meeting (Session 3): Review two Specific aims (Version 1) pages

Session 3: Specific Aims Version 2

Check in: What questions do you have regarding the R03 award application?

Main presentation topics:

  • Crafting Significance and Innovation Sections
  • Demonstrating Feasibility: Your Publications and Preliminary Results
  • Contacting Your Program Officer

Main discussion topic:

  • Participants present their Specific Aims Version 2

                  Writing Assignment: Significance and Innovation Sections (1.5 page)

                  Program Officer Assignment: Contact PO listed for your anticipated NIH Institute

                  Feedback assignment for next group meeting (Session 4): Review two Specific Aims (Version 2) pages


Session 4: Impact, Significance and Innovation

                  Check in: Update on contacts with Program Officers

Main presentation topics:

  • Demonstrating Research Rigor & Reproducibility
  • Your NIH Biosketch: Matching Your Personal Statement to Your Application

Main discussion topic:

  • Participants present their Significance and Innovation Sections

                  Writing Assignment: Update NIH Biosketch to support the R03 application, Write Abstract and Public Health Statement

                  Feedback assignment for next group meeting (Session 5): Review two Significance and Innovation Sections

Session 5:  Effective Grant Writing: When Less is More

Check In: What application components need assistance?

                                    Deciding if your application is ready for submission this cycle?

Main presentation topics:

  • Making the Application Easy for the Reviewer to Follow
  • Your PHS Assignment Page

Main discussion topic:

  • Participants present their NIH Biosketch, Abstract and Public Health Statements

Writing Assignment: Completion and submission of written evaluation

Note: There will be an additional email requesting completion of an evaluation from the WVCTSI Evaluation Core

                  Sign-up for Review of Complete Application Package with Facilitator