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DEI Resources for WVCTSI Staff

Institutional Resources:

WVU Diversity and Inclusion Training Opportunities

WVU Research Corporation Human Resources

WVU Talent and Culture (Human Resources)

WVU Office of Accessibility Services

WVU Faculty, Staff Assistance Program

WVU Health Sciences Diversity Resources 


WVCTSI Staff Work Group

The WVCTSI DEI Work Group was created to:

  • engage employees in the DEI conversation and
  • to facilitate a forum for expressing ideas for events, activities and initiatives related to enhancing staff retention, training and team-building by focusing on diversity, equity and inclusion. 

Work Group Members: 

Nikki Lewis, Chair

Dalia Elsaid

Bree Gustke

Meg Haller

Jennifer Lukas

Jay Mason

Ashley Mayerich

Elizabeth Minnick

Mithra Salmassi

Anya Slaven

Safe-Zone Training

people walking on rainbow crosswalk; Photo by Greg Rosenke on UnsplashThe LGBTQ+ Center at WVU is committed to providing faculty, staff and student leaders with the necessary knowledge and tools to serve as allies to the LGBTQ community on campus.

The following WVCTSI staff members have been Safe Zone trained by the LGBTQ+ Center at WVU:

Stephanie Ballard Conrad

Michelle Chidester

Sarah Haymond

Nikki Lewis

Jennifer Lukas

Jane Pritchard

Meghan Reeves


Mental Health Resources

WVU offers several mental health resources to faculty, staff and students. This training website provides additional details on Mental Health 101 training, Mental Health First Aid and other opportunities. 

The Carruth Center at WVU

University Committee Leadership and Participation

Stephanie Ballard Conrad, Sr. Director of Operations at WVCTSI, and Stephenie Kennedy-Rea, WVCTSI Community Engagement Core Co-Director, co-chair the WVU Health Sciences Cross Cutting Programs DEI Committee. Additionally, staff members Jennifer Lukas and Nikki Lewis also serve on the committee, which develops interdisciplinary, collaborative efforts to support inclusion at WVU Health Sciences. 

WVCTSI Space & Accessibility

The WVCTSI headquarters was designed to be ADA compliant. A gender neutral bathroom is available to staff and guests.