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Emergency Contraception Accessibility in WV

Estimated Time Commitment
1 Year
Location of Research
Health Sciences BuildingMorgantown, WV
Expected Student Project Workload
3-5 hours per week
Will the student need EPIC access
Will the student need any type of CITI training prior to beginning the project
What Schools are Involved

Project Expectations

Time commitment - flexible and based on the student's schedule and availability, but ideally at least 3-5 hours per week

Duties: This research study is contacting a sample of pharmacies across all 55 counties in WV to determine accessibility of emergency contraception (specifically, Plan B and Ella), and we need a team to help make and document these phone calls. Three phone calls will be made to each pharmacy in a randomized order:

(1) "transparent" call from a research team member

(2) a "mystery shopper" call from a team member posing as a 15 year old girl

(3) a "mystery shopper" call from a team member posing as a 19-year-old girl

Faculty Involved

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