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Public Health Answers to Speed Tractable Results (PHASTR).

The N3C Public Health Answers to Speed Tractable Results (PHASTR) is designed to quickly address high-impact questions that can be answered with N3C data. These questions will be identified by N3C and NIH leadership, and Proposals to address them within the N3C Data Enclave will be open for a short time for each. Successful proposals will be awarded a short-term contract, and will be expected to produce quantitative answers within a given time frame.

Following standard N3C policy, source data cannot be duplicated outside of the N3C Data Enclave, and all analyses must be completed within the enclave. Results will be submitted by investigators via the N3C Results Download process, this and other policies are described at


The public health initiative was instantiated to address high-impact questions that are not being investigated by the research community.


Provide fast, actionable analysis of high-impact, public health research questions. Engage the community capable of working with N3C “big data” to answer public health-related research questions of interest.

Support Mechanism:

The N3C Public Health Answers to Speed Tractable Results, PHASTR works through a subcontract mechanism. Proposals to address questions will be submitted to NCATS’ primary contract, Axle Informatics, from the N3C platform. Teams with successful proposals will work through Axle (as a subcontract) to complete the work.

Who Can and Cannot apply:

Any individual or team with appropriate expertise, experience, and resources can submit a proposal, provided there is no real or apparent conflict of interest.

All offerors must follow all registration and data access processes associated with the environment, including meeting the access requirements for level 3 data as described here.

More details can be found here: