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Getting Started

Below are instructions covering how to create an account with the N3C enclave.

Preliminary Step:

Your organization needs to have a Data Use Agreement (DUA) on file with the N3C.  Please check the below resource to ensure an organizational DUA is on file.

Check for Organizational DUA

Registration Instructions

Arrow pointing user to the correct link to click (purple Register now button_)

  • Click the "Click here to Register" Button

Image showing the button users should press (click here to register)

  • Log in with your organization account
    • Type the name of your organization into the search bar (Marshall University, West Virginia University, etc)
    • Two factor authentication is required (DUO is acceptable)

Image showing the location of organization search bar

  • Users will need an ORCID iD. Information on how to register for an ORCID iD can be found on the WVCTSI ORCID iD page

The approval process to the enclave takes 24-48 hours to allow for review.


Any questions on this new initiative should be directed to Sharon Patrick, WVCTSI N3C Program Coordinator