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Funded Projects Years 1-5

Collaborative Grants

  • Steven Kinsey, PhD - "Controlling arthritic pain and inflammation by enzyme blockade"
  • Daniel McNeil, PhD - "Enhancing Exposure for Dental Phobia using D-Cycloserine"
  • Rajesh Naz, PhD - "Investigation of ovarian transcription factors, chemokines, and protease in women with polycystic ovarian disease"
  • Xiaopeng Ning, PhD - "Toward an objective and quantitative assessment of lower back pain: understanding patients' biochemical changes after lumbar facet nerve block"
  • Cecil Pollard, MA - "The West Virginia-Kentucky Health Research Data Collaborative"
  • Ryan Richmond, MD, MBA - "Randomized Controlled Trial of Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy vs. Non-Operative Treatment for Gallbladder Dyskinesia"

Small Grants

  • Benjamin Addicks, MD - "Signal Transduction Variants in Chronic Rhinosinusitis"
  • Yehenew Agazie, PhD - "The role of SHP2 in anti-HER2 therapy resistance breast cancer"
  • Sana Akbar, MD - "The role of SHP2 in anti-HER2 therapy resistance breast cancer"
  • John Barnett, PhD - "Inhibition of bone erosion using haloanalides as blockers of osteoclast differentiation"
  • Maureen Bashu, PhD - "Development of protocol" 
  • Julie Brefczynski-Lewis, PhD - "Less Stress App for stress relief in heart failure patients and age-matched controls"
  • Randy Bryner, PhD - "Effects of respiratory muscle training in patients with chronic low back pain"
  • Roger Carpenter, RN, PhD - "Focus Group Study on How to Better Manage Diabetes"
  • Matthew Dietz, MD - "Development of Novel Diagnostic Techniques for Periprosthetic Joint Infections" "Dialing in the Correct Range of Motion: Smartphone Assessment of Knee Motion Compared to Radiographic Standards"
  • Sanford Emery, MD - "Developing a novel rat discitis model using bioluminescent staphylococcus aureus"
  • Jefferson Frisbee, PhD - "Cardiovascular and Metabolic Outcomes of Bariatric Surgery"
  • Daniel Grant, MD - "Pain medication disposal rates after pediatric orthopaedic surgery"
  • Julie Hicks Patrick, PhD - "Methodological Advances in Daily Experience Sampling"
  • Haslyn Hunte, PhD - "Identifying Barriers and Facilitators of Food Insecurity Using Photovoice"
  • Takashi Komabayashi, DDS - "Micro CT evaluation of endodontic retreatment"
  • Mary LeCloux, PhD - "Suicide Screening in WV Primary Care"
  • Brock Lindsey, MD  - "Incorporation ofIL-12 in PLGA nanospheres as a novel delivery system for osteosarcoma immunotherapy"
  • Dan McNeil, PhD - "Factors in Oral Health Disparities in Appalachia: Longitudinal Assessment"
  • Ranjita Misra, PhD - "An Evaluation of the Diabetes Prevention and Management Program"
  • Sara Moerschell, MD - "Wellness and Nutrition Curriculum for Family Medicine Residents and Medical Staff"
  • Mark Olfert, PhD - "Inflammatory responses in A1AT COPD patients"
  • Ashley Petrone, PhD - "Temporal Dynamics of Peripheral Leukocytes Following Acute Ischemic Stroke"
  • Dovenia Ponnoth, PhD - "Angiotensin ll and vascular AT1 receptors in asthma"
  • William Stauber, PhD - "Somatic Afferent Stimulation to improve patient outcomes: FMRI Imaging"
  • Zhongxin Wu, PhD - "Effects of e-cigarettes vs. standard cigarette smoke exposure"

Launch Pilot Grants

  • Yehenew Agazie, PhD - "Targeting SHP2 for the treatment of HER2-positive breast cancer"
  • Mariette Barbier, PhD - "G-CSF/GM-CSF purification for the treatment of chemotherapy-induced neutropenia"
  • Gianfranco Doretto, PhD - "Immersive Virtual Reality Portal Into Cellular and Subcellular Brain Structure"

Open Grants

  • Marie Abate, PharmD - "Integration of a Statewide Poisoning Database and Forensic Drug Database to Predict Drug-Related Risks and Enable Collaborative Community Based Prevention Efforts"
  • Christian Abildso, PhD - "SMART (Smartphone Mediated Activity Response Trial) Pilot Study"
  • Paul Lockman, PhD and Chris Adkins, PhD - "Identifying and Isolating Dormant Breast Cancer Cells in Murine Brain"
  • Ariel Agmon, PhD - "Role of somatostatin-containing interneurons in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease"
  • Stephen Alway, PhD - "Phase One (T1) translation basic to clinical research: Offsetting Sarcopenia with Exercise and Resveratrol"
  • Erik Bey, PhD - "Modulation of oxidative stress regulators alters the invasive program of non-small cell lung cancers"
  • Melissa Blank, PhD - "Smoking Cessation and Opioid Dependence Treatment Integration: Does Timing Matter"
  • Cassie Brode, PhD - "“Bari-Aware:” Healthy Living after Bariatric Surgery: Awareness of Changing Eating and Emotions"
  • Candice Brown, PhD - "Serum alkaline phosphatase and mitochondrial dysfunction in sepsis"
  • Christopher Cifarelli, MD, PhD - "Modulation of Radiosensitivity in High Grade Glioma Via Manipulation of Epithelial-mesenchymal Transition (EMT)"
  • Matt Dietz, MD - "Electrolysis as an Adjunct Treatment in Postoperative Orthopaedic Implant Infections"
  • Werner Geldenhuys, PhD - "mitoNEET ligands in Parkinson’s disease"
  • Peter Giacobbi, PhD - "App Dev and Feasibility Testing for Overweight and Obese Pregnant Women in WV"
  • Carl Grey, MD - "The Value of Reflective Writing to Facilitate Advance Care Planning: A guided exercise for cancer and dialysis patients"
  • Kelly Gurka, PhD - "Acceptability to Key Constituencies and Feasibility of an Opioid Overdose Prevention Program (OOPP) with Take‐home Naloxone in Rural West Virginia"
  • Lori Hazlehurst, PhD - "Development of MTI-101 for Treatment of EGFR Driven Lung Cancer"
  • John Hollander, PhD - "Therapeutic Manipulation of Mitochondrial Protein Import in the Type 2 Diabetic Patient Heart"
  • Gregory Kenat, PhD - "Genetic Basis of Seizure Hypersusceptibility Induced by Peripherally Restricted Inflammation"
  • Brock Lindsey, MD - "Combined immunotherapy with anti-PD-1/PD-L1 and recombinant interleukin-12 will induce metastatic osteosarcoma tumor regression in vivo"
  • Sudjit Luanpitpong, PhD - "Lung carcinogenesis of mountaintop mining particulate matter"
  • Patrick Ma, MD - "Cell Adhesion Biomarkers Discovery in Lung Cancer"
  • Manish Monga, MD - "Studies on metformin (MF) as pre surgical therapy for head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC) and investigation of the effects of MF, tumor genotype and MF-genotype interactions, on tumor metabolism and anoikis."
  • Hawley Montgomery-Downs, PhD - "Mechanism of Infant Feeding Method Protection against Pediatric Sleep-Disordered Breathing"
  • Albeir Mousa, MD - "TeleHealth Care Monitoring to Reduce Post Discharge Complications and Surgical Site Infections Following Infrainguinal Vascular Interventions"
  • Paola Pergami, MD, PhD - "Can we Predict Motor and Cognitive Outcome After Ischemic Brain Lesions by Combination of Resting State fMRI and Measures of White Matter Integrity?"
  • Ed Pistilli, PhD - "Breast Cancer Induced Skeletal Muscle Cachexia"
  • Elena Pugacheva, PhD - "Pre-clinical studies to determine efficacy of Aurora A (AURKA) kinase inhibitor MLN8054 in prevention and treatment of breast cancer metastasis using patient-derived tumors"
  • Miranda Reed, PhD - "Increased Clearance of Extracellular Glutamate as a Treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease"
  • Michael Ruppert, MD, PhD - "Kruppel-like factors in resistance to HER2-targeted Therapy"
  • Rebecca Schmidt,DO - "Utility of an Integrated Tool for Patients with Stages 4 & 5 Chronic Kidney Disease"
  • Vincent Setola, PhD - "Evaluating Gene Variations Implicated in Opioid Abuse and Treatment Outcome in the Chestnut Ridge Center Substance Abuse Clinic"
  • David Siderovski, PhD Colleen Watkins, MD - "Establishing GPSM3 as a novel biomarker and/or drug discovery target for inflammatory arthritides"
  • Robert Stansbury, MD - "Initiation of CPAP for Newly Diagnosed OSA in Hospitalized Heart Failure Patients: A randomised Clinical Trial"
  • Laurie Theeke, RN, PhD - "Feasibility and Acceptability of LISTEN in Stroke Survivors"
  • Nick Turiano, PhD - "Transition to college and substance abuse behaviors: The college student transition study"
  • Linda Vona-Davis, PhD - "Molecular Profile of Tumor-Associated Adipose in Obese Women with Breast Cancer"
  • Suzy Walter, RN, PhD - "Evaluating a Self-Management Intervention in Adolescents with Recurrent Primary Headache"
  • Scott Weed, PhD - "Development of an Organotypic Model to Evaluate Human Tongue Cancer Invasion"
  • Jeffrey Wimsatt, DVM, PhD - "A novel treatment approach for colorectal cancer: validation in familial, pro-inflammatory and primary human xenograft models"
  • Sergiy Yakovenko, PhD - "Quantitative measurement of spinal and cortical impairments and interventions to restore neuromuscular gait control"
  • Han-Gang Yu, PhD - "Gene Expression Profiling of Human Obesity-related Cardiac Hypertrophy"
  • James Lewis, PhD - "Delineating Autism Subtypes based on Sensory Profiles and Neuronal Functioning"
  • Ivan Martinez, PhD - "Importance of the long Non-coding RNA PRYP4 locus in the Differences Between Male and Female Response to Radiation in Treatment in non-small Cell Lung Cancers"
  • Mark Olfert, PhD - "Use of Nutritional Interventions to Identify Modifiable Metabolomic Risk Factors"
  • Bernard Schreurs, PhD - "The role of metabolic syndrome in cognition and dementia"

Biostatistics Pilot

  • Leann Long, PhD - "Meta-Analysis Implementation and Other Advanced Statistical Methods for Alternating Treatment Single Case Design Data"
  • Michael Regier, PhD - "Finding an optimal non-linear interpretable regression smoother with application to epidemiological, biomarker clinical and translational research"
  • Sijin Wen, PhD - "A Bayesian Adaptive Design Evaluating Molecular Aberrations and Targeted Agents in Cancer Patients"


Partner Site Competition 

  • Paul Chantler, PhD - "The Diabetic rHeART"

Multi-PI Competition

  • Michael Schaller, PhD - "An Integrated Approach for the Rational Treatment of Recurrent Head and Neck Cancer"
  • James Simpkins, PhD - "Intermittent Infection/Inflammation and Cognitive Aging"


  • Marina Galvez-Peralta, PhD, PharmD - "Role of Pharmacogenomics and Metabolomics on Buprenorphine Response in COAT patients"
  • Julie Hicks-Patrick, PhD - "Women's Comprehensive Opioid Addiction Treatment: Reproductive Health Study"