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WVCTSI has rigorous, ongoing tracking and evaluation driving data-based decision-making and ensuring goals are achieved. This programmatic evaluation, continuously refined since 2012 by the Tracking and Evaluation Core (TEC), has robust systems and processes providing WVCTSI leadership and personnel with objective performance data to assess progress toward WVCTSI Aims, including assessment of budget implementation and allocation of resources to achieve core objectives. The Tracking and Evaluation Core (TEC) is housed in the Program Evaluation and Research Center, with the director reporting administratively through the WVU Research Corporation. This allows for increased autonomy and external perspective to develop programmatic evaluation and continuous quality improvement recommendations. TE Core uses collaborative capacity building evaluation and accountability frameworks to broadly disseminate data and recommendations, maintain focus on state-level health outcomes, assist all cores in evaluation data-based decision-making, and to empower WVCTSI personnel to recognize and address challenges to productivity and desired outcomes.

No evaluation entity with the infrastructure and resources to accomplish programmatic evaluation at this scale existed here prior to WVCTSI funding. TE Core developed an efficient and effective programmatic evaluation system with strong collaborative relationships among all WVCTSI cores and partners. TE Core collaborated with core and partner personnel to identify specific metrics and data sources connected to all outputs and outcomes, and to develop feasible data capture and delivery processes. We utilize online data capture platforms (i.e., Qualtrics, iLab, OnCore) to solicit quarterly data on all relevant metrics from every core and partner, as well as from individuals accessing WVCTSI services and support. We meet individually with core and partner personnel responsible for collecting and entering data as they complete our data request. We process data from each core and integrate it into a dynamic web-based quarterly report synthesizing information from all cores and partners. This report is disseminated broadly across WVCTSI stakeholders including core/partner personnel and leadership, internal and external advisory committees, institutional leadership, and NIH. Our quarterly evaluation reports with core-specific key metrics are organized around specific aims contextualized in core logic models. TE Core created and implemented a web-based portal through   which all evaluation products and tools can be accessed.

Core Leadership

Reagan Curtis, PhD -  Tracking and Evaluation Core Director


Nikki Lewis - Evaluation and Partnerships Manager


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