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Standard Operating Procedures

Individuals employed and/or funded through the West Virginia Clinical and Translational Science Institute are expected to read and follow the organization's Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). SOPs will be reviewed annually and updated as needed. Notice of updates will be communicated to the appropriate groups. Staff and leadership will be asked to provide acknowledgement that they have read and understand all SOPs. In January of each year, WVCTSI leadership will determine if new SOPs need to be developed. 

Finance and Research Administration

1.1 Procurement and Purchasing

1.2 Budget Modification Requests

1.3 Offer Letters

1.4 Contracts and Agreements

1.5 No Cost Extensions

1.6 Cost Transfers

1.7 Pilot Grant EAC and NIH Approval Process

1.8 Change in Compensation and/or Effort

1.9 External Grant Proposal Submission 

1.10 WVCTSI Pilot Grant Proposal Resubmissions

1.11 Human Subject Payment


2.1 Publicity

2.2 Conference Room Scheduling and Usage

2.3 Membership

2.4 Onboarding and Offboarding

2.5 Hospitality

2.6 CTR Award Citation

2.7 Leave of Absence

2.8 New Position Development

Education/Professional Development

3.1 Education Programs Management

3.2 Seminar Planning

3.3 Research Scholars

3.4 K Writing Club Facilitation

Community Engagement

4.1 WVPBRN Membership

4.2 WVPBRN Project Submission

4.3 WVPBRN Annual Core Survey

4.4 Community Advisory Board Membership Management

4.5 Community Advisory Board Engagement Request

4.6 Design Studio Administration

Project ECHO

5.1 ECHO Membership

5.2 ECHO Case Submission

5.3 ECHO Project Submission

5.4 ECHO Session Preparation and Facilitation

Service and Resource Management

6.1 Prioritization of Service Delivery

6.2 REDCap Access 

6.3 IDR Access

6.4 Database Accounts 

6.6 Internal iLab Usage for Service Delivery Management

6.7 iLab Usage for Service Management (External)

6.8 Delivery of Requested Patient Data


Standard Operating Procedures Review Form