Data Support


The Biomedical Informatics program has been created to establish an informatics infrastructure to support clinical and translational research in West Virginia.  Our mission is to transform the health and healthcare of West Virginians through cutting-edge biomedical informatics technologies.

Please note that the Data Request and IDR Web User forms are currently only available within the WVU network.  If you are trying to access these forms from outside the WVU network, please contact the BMIR Data Manager to discuss your needs.


Build infrastructure and academic home to promote evidence-based research through innovative data collection and analysis.
Specific Aim 1: To expand the existing Integrated Data Repository (IDR) to include clinical and demographic data from other WV healthcare institutions

Specific Aim 2: To develop new features for the Integrated Data Repository user interface to facilitate data access, analysis, and utilization for C/T research

Specific Aim 3: To provide collaborative services and promote development and use of new technologies and tools

Training and Assistance

We also provide mentoring and training in health informatics to clinical and translational researchers. For assistance, please complete THIS FORM or contact the BMIR Data Manager.

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