WV Project ECHO HepC/HIV

The WV Project ECHO HepC/HIV program began to address the steady rise of hepatitis C/HIV cases in West Virginia. This innovative hub spoke knowledge sharing network allows rural physicians to present hepatitis C and HIV cases to a panel of experts including infectious disease, gastroenterology, and behavioral medicine physicians from West Virginia University and receive mentoring in the management of such chronic conditions.

These sessions also include didactic presentations on a variety of hepatitis C/HIV topics including virology, physiology, and pathophysiology of hepatitis C/HIV, treatment options, and transmission prevention techniques. The HIV portion of this program will instruct attendees based on a National HIV Curriculum from the AIDS Education and Training Centers National Coordinating Research Center.

  • HepC Sessions will take place on the second Thursday of every month
  • HIV sessions will take place on the fourth Thursday of every month

If you would like to participate or submit a case to Project ECHO , contact Jay Mason at jdmason@hsc.wvu.edu or Kayetlyn Edinger at .

WV Project ECHO HepC/HIV by the Number: 69 participating physicians to date, 93 unique cases presented

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