WV Project ECHO Chronic Pain

On February 2, 2017 the WVCTSI ECHO program was expanded to include the treatment of patients with chronic pain. This expanded program allows rural healthcare providers to present chronic pain cases to a panel of experts that includes pain specialists, pain psychologists, and pharmacologists based at West Virginia University and receive mentoring in the management of such chronic conditions. During biweekly sessions, physicians are also educated on a variety of chronic pain topics including the neurobiology of pain, the role/impact of addiction, psychological issues associated with the management of chronic pain, and appropriate assessment and screening processes. 

If you would like to participate or submit a case to Project ECHO , contact Jay Mason at jdmason@hsc.wvu.edu or Kayetlyn Edinger at .

WV Project ECHO Chronic Pain by the numbers- 61 participating physicians to date, 23 unique chronic pain cases presented