iLab Instructions for WVCTSI Partner Sites

If you are not part of the West Virginia Practice-Based Research Network, follow the below instructions to register for iLab:

      1. Go to
      2. At the upper right hand corner of the page, hover over “Register” and select “Register for an iLab account.”
      3. Input your name, email, and choose WVCTSI as your institution.
      4. Input your role. Please do not choose PI, as this will require you to enter billing information. For PI, input Wes Kimble (
      5. For the question “Is your lab already registered with iLab?” type in WVCTSI Partners. Please DO NOT input a new lab. You will not be able to access WVCTSI services if you do not choose WVCTSI Partners!
      6. For the question “Is there another person in your lab who helps manage lab memberships, fund assignments, and spending approval?” choose “No.”
      7. Accept iLab’s Terms and Conditions, and submit your registration. An iLab staff member will be in touch with you shortly to confirm your credentials.